"NOtes" are sketches created during meetings at work (hence the name), when riding buses and trains or when waiting for a friend at the local pizzeria.

The definition of a NOte is A) not to have a finished image in mind when starting out and B) it has been made outside the comfort of an undisturbed location. Tools used are different type of felt pens, ink pens and pencils applied to standard quality notepad paper or printer paper.

I see this project as finished. Most probably there won't be any NOtes made later than June 26 of the year 2002 added to this site. This simply because I rareley take NOtes nowadays.

Most of these NOtes were previously posted on First in Swedish, as "anTeckningar", then converted to English and eventually moved here in April 2005.

No NOte has been edited or manipulated with the exception of removing smudges and occasional writing (ie. "real" notes).

If you have a similar collection or know someone that does – please get in touch.


August 26, 2005

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